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Creating an Honest and Supportive Community

Without Judgements

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About vent​​

Vent was an idea created by Becki Elizondo. During that time, she was married to her now ex-husband who was a substance abuse counselor. Becki assisted him in the daily office work and discovered that she was spending quite a bit of time lending a shoulder to cry on, being an active listener and acknowledging to client's loved ones, especially about their feelings in dealing with their children in recovery. She also related her own personal experiences in dealing with family and friends addictions or dysfunctional behaviors through journaling her thoughts and venting out her emotions to them..

Until she found those outlets, Becki expressed that it was not always the most comfortable and safest place to be. At times, those she was venting to would not give her their full attention and would proceed to discuss their own problems, ignoring her initial struggle. Therefore, her 'vent session' with someone she trusted was not resolved or recognized.

Feeling the lack of validation and closure, she felt that it added more fuel to the fire toward her passion

in finding a safe haven for women to vent. What Becki later initiated was a plan to create a women’s support group

where women could feel safe, sit around and vent about their feelings, whether good, bad, or indifferent

without judgement or criticism.

As vent grew, mostly women attended regular bi-weekly meetings at the Raley’s workshop room or at the California State Capitol conference rooms, which was sponsored at the time by the Assemblyman Jim Beall, Committee Chair of Human Services. Michelle, a good friend also assisted with the group and they were both interviewed by one of Sacramento's local radio station to share what vent was all about.


Meanwhile, Becki’s life took a hard turn, and she experienced challenging obstacles. She dealt with the losses of family and friends, divorces, financial bondage, irresponsible decision-making, and even betrayal from people she was close with.

Life was stressfully chaotic. She tried to tackle everything wrong in her life, but she quickly burned-out and realized

that different areas of her life needed to change immediately. It was in her best interest to seek solace and find strength from her faith.

The whole time, Becki’s faith showed her - that her life was always secure. Yet, she still had a void, a feeling of emptiness that needed to be filled. Her passion for establishing vent morphed into a journal, several journals.

If it were not for journal therapy during her time of recovery, she would not be the person she is today and be able to identify her path in life. These are some of the things she experienced while writing in her journal:

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  • Increased Focus
  • Greater Stability
  • Empowerment

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  • Letting Go of the Past
  • Deeper Level of Learning, Order, Action, and Closure

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  • Positive and Compassionate Outlook Toward Life
  • Honest Healing

“He taught us a lot about friendship and all the things you can accomplish as a team.”

on the way to finding the real you,

you must accept that it might mean the death of what

everyone thought you to be.

just as the butterfly can no longer be a caterpillar.

j.m storm

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Becki does not have a PhD or a license in counseling just her lessons guided by the experiences in her personal life and always found her haven through journaling and a positive way to communicate her needs and wants. She continued to educate herself by studying and reading self-help books by the professional teachers like: Bradshaw, Covey, Beattie, Peck, Dr. Phil, and Don Miguel Ruiz. Becki then realized she had something as simple, but valuable to share with others.


    "The state of being equal with rights, and opportunities became more prevalent. The awareness of equal rights, not just women, was making a stand. through Vent. I want to ensure all individuals are not treated differently, because of their specific or protected characteristic, with their choices involving areas of race, gender, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation or even age.  It is a challenging road ahead. Not everyone gets it, but at least I will listen to you."